Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You think I"m kidding?

Here is another method brought to you by the generous Chris Perry( maker of those rings that I want REALLY bad) for those of you who want to do the numbers. I use it mostly for supplies and general expenses and then fiddle with the pricing 'free style'.

I just wanted to reiterate, it's your business and your pricing is your business. Find a method and price that makes YOU happy and don't get hung up on the opinion on every Tom Dick and Harry that have an online store and nothing better to do then tell you how you should price your items.

I see people get really upset by this and my stock answer is...

If you walked into a shop and told the seller they needed to raise./lower their prices, what reception would you expect?

Well, you ARE the shop owner, get it? You don't have to tolerate it either. And again, find what works for you, for myself, it's a matter of both numbers and intuition, whatever works for YOU is valid.

More truly lovely things at Chris Parry's Flickr

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