Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Sunday!

This is mine and Gabriel' s most favorite movie ever. Everyone should own it. It's called The Point and can be bought at Amazon for crazy cheap.


  1. Oh good grief, The Point. I watched this years and years ago on the BBC, and I loved it so. I called my first cat Oblio - he died in 1983 but I still draw him - he's the Crabby Cat in my Etsy shop.

    In the late 70s Harry Nillson put on a live version of it at, I think, the Mermaid Theatre in London which I saw. Gad - I feel a hundred years old!

    I don't think I could watch it again - it would make me so sad! (Lost youth and beloved cats.)

  2. Oh, I don't think it would make you sad, it shouldn't anyway. We listen to the soundtrack in the car.

    My nine year old is autistic and frankly, I think if they just showed that movie in class all those 'teachable moments' that they do know wouldn't be needed, not that they do much good anyway.

    I bought it shortly after he announced to me that he was different and well, it was more effective than an talk so far.

    So watch it and think of how it made a very lovely little boy think that being different made a little more sense.