Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm doing it for the children.

See how noble and giving I am?

Take a gander here at my Hang Tag tut and you'll see what I'm talking about when I say this...

Like a lot of soap makers I've been using cigar band type labels. Well, I've run about out and was trying to think of a way that was cheaper, used less paper and ink and was cheaper. I'm environmentally sound that way (cheap).

As you know ingredients must be listed in case someone is allergic to soap and has no idea it's soap unless you label it as having things soap is made of. So, what I've done is place the ingredients on the back side of the card on the left side.

I worried this five ways til Sunday so I'll take a pic when they arrive and tell you if I planned it right.

This way I can use the hang tag for the soap label. Simply writing the name of the soap inside. This saves paper, ink (crazy pricey) and you know trees for the children and what not. When they arrive I'll show you a pic of how they look all tarted up and labeled.

Then I can show you how I wrap them, which is also cheap and very, very easy. No cutting, nothing. I could tell you now but then what if you never came back and I'd be all sad.

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