Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just felt like it.

Kinley last Summer

Kinley Last Fall
You should click on this one.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Funny Marble

I found this odd marble, pretty banged up, but I've never seen anything like it. Looks like there's perhaps mica inside. Geeze, why did kids actually PLAY with them and mess them all up?

Anyhow, I thought it was kinda neat.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yay Zibbet! Yay me!

In honor of Zibbet fixing it's cart and myself finally getting my domain names, everything in both Goat Mountain Arts and Grumpy Haters is 20% off until I say so.

Or until the end of February, whichever comes first. Zibbet shops only, hate to state the obvious, but, you know.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Well pinch my ass and call me Daisy.

New soap for pre order Morning Marigold.

"Top notes of peach, cassis, dewberry, and marigold lead to a floral middle accented with jasmine and rose. Woody base notes with a touch of Javanese vetiver round this glorious fragrance out. "

That is the official description. I got it because I have a tendency to get in a bit of a rut in regard to my scent preferences. I did not expect to like it at ALL but figured it would be a good Spring Seller.

Well, when I opened the bottle I got so damn excited I had to go make a batch this afternoon. It's been a LONG time since I've wanted to run around shoving a bar of soap under stranger's noses while shrieking 'You HAVE to smell this!"

It is just fantastic, all the top notes and what notes aside, what it smells like is a warm marigold, but without the acrid note marigolds tend to have. It's like a rounded, warmed, sweetened marigold scent.

A much welcomed mid Winter one for sure but one that just knocks my socks right off and blows them across the room and then down the street where they tumble one over the other utnil they are out of sight.

I think you'd like it very much. It will be set up in a couple weeks and ready to ship. If ya wanna pre order just drop me a line at

New soap

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ok, that's enough, really.



Me, Baxter (closest to me), Kinley

Our House


Baxter's butt

So, yeah. Now they are talking more snow Monday- Tuesday. I really need school to reopen.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How kids make it better.

I don't know if I've told you this, but when we got Kinley at six months old he had what I thought was a cyst in his ear. Turns out it was lead shot from a shotgun. In fact, he has a few deep in his body, not unusual, I'm afraid, for dogs from rural areas.

He must have been shot when he was about four months old. Yep.

Anyhow, after my vet removed it, I took it home and put it aside for some reason, then one day I tossed it. I didn't tell Gabriel about it because how do you explain to a young child the reasons why an adult would shoot a puppy?

Somewhere along the line he picked up that this had happened, from a conversation or really, I have no idea. So yesterday out of nowhere he tell me he knows why someone shot Kinley.

His reasoning goes something like this.

Kinley belonged to a hunter. The hunter liked to hunt wolves for their pelt. One day the hunter wanted Kinley to hunt a wolf but Kinley said no because they are in the dog family. So the hunter shot him.

Then he asks "I wonder how that person is now?"

I tell him that I don't know. To which he responds "Maybe they are dead."

And that was it. I thought it was pretty interesting to see how a nine year old tries to make sense of something so unfathomable. It makes me wish I could explain away a great many things with a noble story.

But I have a boy who still can. That's worth something, that is.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..

Today is not a good day. But, in taking these for the show I've been invited to cheered me up a little. It's not all my stock although it is a WAKE UP call that I better make more stuff. The head of the show was kind enough to not make me set up my booth in the snow to photograph,lol.

I put the cupcakes in a real cupcake box. It was so cute I had to sit down for a minute.

So it's just an idea on my dining room table. If I'm accepted I'll give a heads up so anyone in the Metro DC area can stalk me freely and with specifics.
P.S. Yes, I will iron the tablecloth.