Saturday, July 4, 2009

Big Brother is Wearing a Cowl

When you leave comments in regard to AF or Etsy let me know if it's ok for me to publish them. Otherwise I won't although I do appreciate them.

There's been a couple stores closed for off site blog comments by the blog authors and I'm aware I'm tempting fate.

I don't want anyone to get in trouble for (gasp) expressing an opinion. You know it's funny, there is no censorship or linking ban or nuttin' on the AF forums yet everyone is getting along just fine.

I think when people can post without fear of being muted or the thread locked, they usually take time to be more thoughtful rather than 'The hell with it, the threads gonna get locked anyway.'

I'm not anti Etsy, just angry and sad about what it's become and surely don't begrudge anyone who does well or chooses to stay. Please don't misunderstand me.

But it's become clear that it is what it is NOW and that is how it plans to stay. No, there will be no changing anything. Yes, we have been warned to stop speaking out.

So if it works for you, that's nifty and I'm a bit envious. I'm leaving my shop up until it's taken away. Do I still have the slightest bit of hope Etsy will work out for me? Yes, but it's because of the seller's not the company. The way Etsy is set up now it won't work for me even if I was fine with the new policies in place.

Have I sales in AF? A few, but I haven't tried. I know I've had more views in half the time and well, you gotta have views. I know there's customer service and people like Jessica on the other end. I know that in Beta is kicks Etsy's laurel resting on ass. I have seen AF change in direct response to (ready?) solicited member feedback.

That's my say, where I stand and now that I've declared my Independence,lol, let's move on to cheerier topics and random happenstance.


  1. Hi Goat! I think they leave shops up indefinitely. You're leaving Etsy? Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the very best!

  2. I know they've closed two. Unless I get shut down I'll hang there. Like a soapy thorn.

    I'm not relisting, I'm not investing any more time or money in that direction.

    I don't want to be that girl who always bitches about her boyfriend and never leaves. We've ALL known that girl.

    I know enough to understand that this is Etsy and that they are headed in a direction that simply doesn't support me or well, that I want to support.

    I don't want warm and fuzzy, but I don't want eBay. Etsy is not looking out for us it's using us to brand Etsy. That's been verified at this point. No changes will be made.

    The site doesn't function enough to justify the attitude. So if they want to be professional just within the aspect of Etsy branding, then pffft.

    Give me a site that functions, first of all, and I'll give a whole lot of consideration to changes and direction and say. But if a site needs a third party hack for the basics, why would I give up more?

    It's very much sellers as fodder and at the same time thinking they are very, very stupid.
    Etsy isn't the only game in town, not anymore and they are way being the competition in functionality.

    I'd rather go with a company that has a solid foundation and is growing then one that throws a shiny shiny at you and runs out of the room.

    I appreciate the kind words and return the sentiment wholeheartedly.

  3. So, are yall saying that Etsy has closed some shops that have spoken out in the forums and blogs and such?

  4. Two that I know of. has some of the info. That's also where I was quoted so I can feel the ticker ticking down,lol.

    There's is a big change coming. I'm not convinced Etsy isn't a tax write off. No really, but I do thing with this 'big move' will come a major shake up.

    But I can say with confidence that Etsy is not going to listen (although we knew that) to it's sellers. Maria feels like they are going in the right direction and feels more than qualified to ignore anything sellers have to say.

  5. *SanDesign*


    Yes, it seems the writing is clearly on the wall.
    And the heavy hand in the forums and total lack of communication is, well......says it