Saturday, July 25, 2009

Futhermore (italics mean crazy talk)

1) Don't think that you can hide behind pc by not giving your full name or providing fake names; by closing your twitter/facebook/plurk etc accounts or making them private, by writing false business address in your seller's account profile or giving PO BOX address...all we need is proof that you are selling PERIOD! When we report to the authorities, we send Print Screen copies of your seller's accounts, your paypal account info, address/phone numbers, dates of operation of your online shops in all the venues (such as ebay, etsy, artfire, 1000markets, your own websites and so many more), and any other info we research and find about you.

When you hear this your best response, if you are feeling civil should be 'So?' This is also called stalking and harassment and libel.

2) For those businesses who have applied and got their State Sales Tax permit recently: As long as you have been selling previously for years or even ONE DAY without this permit, you WILL be investigated by the Internal Revenue Service of your State for all your previous business selling activities (your paypal accounts, your bank accounts etc).

No such entity exists. rarely, if ever is anything taken this far unless it is a egregious (like stalking and harassing and posting lies) case. Your State Tax people, which is who would care, are not out to get you (unlike italic woman) and are used to helping people with this. They are happy to walk you through the process. Worst case scenario is you pay anything you should have and even that can be worked through.

3) You are REQUIRED by the United States government to give out your State Sales Tax id number (which is NOT your social security number) publicly when it is asked of you if you dont have a storefront. If a business refuses to give out the Reseller's permit id #, the consumer has every right to report this business to the authorities for them to check up on the legitimacy of this business.

No, no and no. You are not required to give anyone any information about anything, period.Iif they happen to be an vindictive soon to be sued 'person' then they CAN, sure report you. they certainly don't have the 'right' to and unless you are doing something wrong they better be prepared for the consequences.

No one can make you sell to them. The only people you should ever be divulging this number to are your wholesale suppliers and the government. Not some yahoo who emails you under a fake name.

4) For those so-called Handmade Artisans who decide to MANUFACTURE and SELL any FOOD items, Cosmetics handmade (such as soaps, cremes, shampoos, perfumes), you DO need a license from your STATE HEALTH department and/or State Agriculture Department, to MANUFACTURE these products to be able to sell to the consumer.This is a law for ALL States in the USA and is enforced immediately due to the danger that it imposes to the Public Health.

Where to start? Soap is not a cosmetic unless it makes cosmetic claims and is not regulated by the FDA. Most people who make Melt and Pour, add to any base, etc. are using a commercially bought base from a reputable supplier. Unless you are making it out of scratch (perfume for example) that's just fine and dandy.

The health Department doesn't have anything to do with it. If and when it's needed the Department of Agriculture handles such issues. A quick call to your local branch will suss that all out. Also, soap is not FDA regulated, just in case Little Miss Italics brings that up.

5) When you rent a commercial kitchen out of an establishment that has a permit, YOU also need your own permit by your State Health Department with your business name. Attention: STATE FOOD HANDLERS CERTIFICATE IS NOT A PERMIT FOR YOU TO START SELLING FOOD PRODUCTS TO PUBLIC!

Again, no. What you need is your State handler's permit and an Occupancy Permit showing the commercial kitchen is your base of operations. Unless you are making the food out of your body parts, you, as a person, do not need a HD Permit. The HD permit is provided by the commercial kitchen which is why you are there in the first place. I mean, we all have bowls and mixers at home, right?

6) These permits by the State Health Department are also PUBLIC RECORD for all to see and check up on you. You must NEVER refuse to give out this information and most importantly, you should NEVER write on your online venue shops/your websites/blogs that you are licensed when you are NOT...a big No No!

Usually people dealing in fact don't use baby talk like "No No" but I digress. It's Public Record and you know what that means? it means the Public can go look it up. It does not mean anyone can bully you into giving it to them. But, Public should realize that just because they don't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. FEIN's and so forth are often, as is my case, under the same permits.

There are a few legitimate reasons why a Public wouldn't be able to find your info.

7) Those who call themselves Self Representing Artists (SRA), which is a private membership organization, who MANUFACTURE handmade lampwork glassbeads out of their homes or their dwellings MUST have approval/permits by their cities' fire marshall and/or city code enforcement inpector/community council (cities with NO ZONING dont require this). This permit/approval is required to ensure a proper and safe manufacturing of these handmade lampwork beads.Production of these handmade lampwork beads involves a potentially hazardous studio set-up where chemical gas tanks/lines (propane or natural gas PLUS oxygen) are used to fire up a torch that melts eventually a glass rod that the artist forms into a bead...if this setup of the studio is done WITHOUT inspection (plus approval) by the firemarshall and/or city code enforcement inspector, there is a great risk for explosions. You are putting YOUR life and the neighborhood community in DANGER.

When I read this post all I could imagine was the scene in Young Frankenstein where they go through the 'Fire gooood" spiel. Again, while this makes for entertaining albeit histrionic reading it isn't true.

So, remember my darling, if someone is using a lot of CAPS and !!! and hyberbolic language, they are not speaking anything resembling fact. And any information, is your information. The police need a warrant to search your house or car, fcol, you don't 'have' to give any information to anybody just because they say so.


It killed me to use all those caps, so you know I'm serious.


  1. There is no such thing as a firemarshall. Fire Marshal, yes, firemarshall, no. I hope that was just a typo.

  2. Typo imaginary friend, it's all the same to italics woman.

  3. This person can't make a blanket statement like that......every City and County has different ordinances pertaining to at home crafting, businesses, etc. It must be nice to have that much time on your hands to police everyone........

  4. I can picture her in her bakery, holding a phone to each ear, stirring batter for her "world Famous" cookies and making beads with her feet and propane torch.

    Dunno what she types with while juggling all that?