Wednesday, July 8, 2009

here goes nothing!

Because I 'm being nagged, uh encouraged to submit to Handmade I did. They wanted me to copy and paste a resume. After I stopped cackling madly I sent them the following with a few sample articles.

All I had on board were a couple of heavy articles that made people cry. But they had a dog in one of them! He didn't die.

Yeah, it's not a resume, but I'm no longer resume represented.

Do I think I have a chance? Pffft, no, but I did it, OK? Maybe I should have waited until my migraine went away...

Really? What would I say?

I've worked in just about every occupation that doesn't involve bodily fluids. For the last twelve years I have raised the boy. Still raising, actually, he's nine.

I am faithful, brave and true. Jack of All Trades. I can shear that sheep, spin that wool and weave you the best darn whatever you'd wear out of wool, ever.

My goal used to me to move onto mountaintop with some goats and dogs. Somehow that didn't happen, but just in case I'm currently reading how to dig a root cellar. You never know when you might need a good root cellar.

Before that I was a hairdresser and yes, the drama really is that bad.

I've waited that table and toted that hay.

I have no formal education at all. Pretty much. But unless you want me to write about Math, we should be ok.

What I do have is a quick wit and a sense of humour and an understanding of the human psyche. One of the reasons I'm no longer a hairdresser, but I digress.

Because I am a starved for intellectual stimulation devoted Mother and housewife I'm a veritable font (font, I tell you!) of random verbiage that somehow sorts itself out int he end and can be entertaining.

I think so anyhow. Some other people do to. In fact, this little ditty here is partially to get those people off my back. You know how it goes "You should be a writer!", "You should open a bakery!" and so on.

I do have a baking business during the school year. I also have a shop on Artfire and one on Etsy, which is being transferred here. Because here is better.


  1. You make me laugh out loud, you really do. Your snark and quick wit never get old. I think you'd be fabulous at Handmade - they'd be lucky to have you ;)

  2. That's very kind, thank you.

  3. Yep, I LOVE your intelligence and humor. It made me buy your soap. You'd be a GREAT wrtier for them! A real asset.
    I used to be a hairdresser a long long time ago. I know what you mean about the drama. Can't stand it!

  4. That was a good read! you sound like my crazy older sister, which is a great thing.

    your blog makes me want to put more attitude into my blog, as i'm a little crazy character like you.


  5. Thank you, thank you very much.