Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Picture Perfect

This is a terrific photo taken by A Breath Of French Air notice that the composition is relevant to the subject. I'm a soap maker, and this makes me want to cry it's such a thing of beauty.

This is what we are shooting for (ha) everything about this picture says 'Buy me, I'm wonderful.' and they do have great stuff, btw.

I realised that I couldn't impart any more wisdom then this Handmade News article by M. Adam Kendall.

Take some time to check out the site, there are some fantastic articles there in regard to many of the topics I've been discussing here. I know, great writer's make my life so much easier,lol.


  1. I sure wish someone would explain why I can't seem to get the yellow out of my white hat photos-my other white hat pics were just thrown together and came out perfect-this one, in the same lighting conditions, I just can't keep white-WTF?

  2. I can I can! Did you read the part about SRO's or ISO's whatever they are called? There is a part in your manual that tyells you how to allow for more 'white'. Give that a shot.

    Also Google 'taking pictures of white' and I betcha a whole slew of stuff comes up. Since white is refelcting, make sure there isn't something that is casting a hue, like background, etc. Hope that helps.

    If you are like me and threw the manual away, they are online.

  3. "If you still aren't getting the results you want, be it yellowing, otherwise known as a deficient white balance, or your pictures are coming out too dark, it's time to break out the manual.

    Both the cameras printed manual and the manual mode on the camera. Again, you are smarter than the camera, so make sure you know how to adjust your cameras settings for exposure, ISO, white balance and focus mode."

    Here ya go. let em know if it works.

  4. Thanks holly...I have tried to follow all the info out there...I was trying to see if there was a trick to it that someone knew, guess I'm gonna have to figure out what I did right the first time...

  5. This sounds stupid but are you wearing maybe a colored shirt and leaning in? I know how frustrating is can be.

  6. No coloured shirt, but you will lol when I tell you how I did finally improve them-I opened the curtains! My place is extrememly bright, so I don't usually open these big white curtains out to the balcony till the afternoon to cool the place down-but it's just amazing how stupidity can be overcome in the simplest of ways...

  7. Hey, I'll take stupid over added expense any day!