Monday, July 27, 2009

It's important to me.

These are my three. Left to right,
Lida, Kinley and Baxter.

Far left is Kinley's pic at the pound, he was six months old, skinny, he stank and he was completely down on his pasterns from malnutrition. He'll be two in November.

Two dogs, left is Baxter. He will be three in Feb. he has always been an old man dog, even when he was a puppy. He's lightened up a little since Kinley arrived a year ago.

This is Lida, she will be three in Jan. She's my Leonberger. Every time I see this picture it reminds me of how I'd like to be perceived. No, not as a hairy dog with serious dog aggression.

But the expression, the bearing. It's good to remind oneself of how one would like to be perceived.

She's a little bigger now and a lot hairier. I should take some recent pics.

This is Baxter. You can see his puppy pic in my profile and then you'll see he really has always taken things very seriously.

I have the boy but I don't post his pics on my public blog.

All three of these dogs have a story and all three belong here on The Island Of Misfit Toys.

I like dogs. What you see is what you get. I don't recommend getting three dogs. Kinley was supposed to be a foster but it became evident that he wasn't a dog for the average home.

I'll tell you each dog's story as we go on. they all have good stories. They are all very differant from eachother and they are all very much beloved.

I wanted you to see what is important to me, outside of the online debacle and to remind myself as well. My dog's are my Champions and I try very, very hard to be worthy of that. Dogs are noble creatures, my fondness, obviously, lies with the big ones.

Dogs will be loyal brave and true to you regardless. But like I said, I still want to feel worthy of that devotion. Most of the time I do. That's how I know I'm doing alright. My measure.


  1. Your dogs are wonderful!


  2. I have to be honest with you. I'm still laughing at your poor cat. I didn't even know they shaved cats, why would you shave a cat? And the risk involved? The tail is insulting, I agree.
    But I bet she wears it with the same attitude, you know?

  3. The person with a true heart for animals says far more (to me) than what they've accomplished in life. Yes, you still need to be a responsible citizen. But when one really CARES for animals, that is a special characteristic. I might be a "cat person", but I whole-heartedly applaud your love of those dogs! :-)


  4. Those three are the cutest dogs and I have to agree with you about dogs, my dog is my best buddy!

  5. They are beautiful! We never planned on three large dogs either, but there's no doubt the universe wanted them here. What color are their tongues?

  6. Beautiful dogs! I feel exactly the same way!As long as I am worthy of my dogs I am doing something right!! I have two dogs, a maremma (which is a great flock guardian, just like a Great Pyrenees) and a Golden Retriever. I saw a Leonberger (spelling?) when I was over in the states in Baltimore a month ago. I think you are hilarious! Just popped over with a link from LE.

  7. Great dogs! Kinley looks just like my big, mixed dopey mutt!

  8. Blossom wanted me to tell you we think your trio are beautiful! blossom is my 6 year old puppymill rescue, a Maltese, shy but unolding like hear name. She has been with me just since December. She was my Xmas present!