Thursday, July 16, 2009

*Insert trumpet call here*

Free Year of Soap!

Every follower has a chance to win A Soap for Every Season.

August 14 will be the drawing, which of course will be random. Unless you send a huge bag of cash, in which case "You are the Winner!"

Simply sign on to follow this fabulous blog, thereby enriching your life and increasing your chances of smelling much better year round.

Have a soap 'thing'? Burdened by guilt over so very many soap purchases while others go filthy? As another one of my selfless Reach Out to The Community Humanitarian Arts I am proud to present...

For $18.00 I will send you a sample selection totaling five to six ounces, of the next season's offering.

For example, late this Summer I have Ginger Orange (to die for) and Indian Summer, a Honey Apple and something else I haven't decided on.

So, you'd get one or more ounces of each scent. Probably more as I get a bit carried away.

Fall would include your Holiday scents as would Winter and Spring, well you get the idea. You are more than welcome to ask for a particular scent to be included or excluded.

The $18.00 includes shipping and soap within CONUS.


  1. ha ha ha ha! awesome contest goatmountain! you gave me my first giggle of the day. sign me up!

  2. I know, doesn't the goat look like you smell bad? Such a great expression.

  3. Hey lady! How are you? I was about to read your newest post then it disappeared. Anyway, just stopping by to say hello. I hope you are doing well.

  4. Yeah, I realised I could email AF directly and they'd actually respond. Which they did. It's like a whole new world....

    Best wishes back atcha!