Friday, July 3, 2009

Why My Heart Belongs to Artfire

Latest AF news. For those of you aware of what's happening at Etsy right now, this is very telling and obviously a direct response to some of those issues. Yes, AF can respond to those issues that aren't even a hot mess on thier site, but Etsy still can't respond, period. The free speeech bit in particular, ok and the SEO bit and.. Read the SMO guides. Interesting stuff there.


This was Social Media Optimization (SMO) week at ArtFire. We released a guide on how to best utilize SMO in the promotion of your business and your brand. If you missed any of our guides, you can find them on the left hand navigation of your “My ArtFire” control panel page along with many other useful and informative guides. You can also join the SMO discussion in the forums here.

We added a Christmas in July Trend page this week to support the many ArtFire sellers that are running CIJ sales this month. If you would like to participate in this month-long member-initiated movement you will have the opportuntiy to gain a bit more exposure for your items. Just enter CIJS in your item tags and join the sale.

Here is a bit more information about the CIJS.
New Facebook Contest begins this week. Last months Facebook winner was Cher Whittle. We were all very impressed with Cher when she gave one of the three $100 ArtFire shopping sprees to her mother and the other to the contest runner-up Fran Westervelt aka Auntiefrannie. We were overwhelmed with the positive comments left on the ArtFire Facebook fan page and broke our goal of 1000 fans. In fact we hit over 1400 fans with the contest and we are now running a new Facebook contest.

The rules for the new ArtFire Facebook contest a little different this month. If you would like to participate we have information about the contest here and again we have $100 ArtFire shopping sprees up for grabs!

We were excited to move the ArtFire / Delphi Glass Cooperative Promotional Partnership further forward this week and though we still have more work to do on it, we are off to a great start and optimistic about our future with this great company.

Delphi has been known for great customer service and recognized as a supporter of handmade artisans for over 35 years now and we are honored to that they chose to work with the ArtFire community to help us better support your needs. If you are a glass artisan be sure to check out the Delphi Glass Gallery on ArtFire and select Delphi as your preferred supplier so that you can stay up to date with what’s new and happening at Delphi Glass.

From all of us here at ArtFire we want to wish you a happy Independence day. The fourth of July has very special meaning for us as we feel that this holiday really epiomizes our mission of freedom for members.

Without getting too philosophical on you, I will just say that we believe the very same values and principles such as freedom of speech that we enjoy here in the U.S. should also apply to the virtual world and, especially, your selling venue. This will remain one of our core values as we move forward together.

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  1. Thank you. You just helped me make up my mind.
    I signed up at artfire a couple weeks ago. Not done anything with it yet. But after today....
    well you know. Thanks I'm going to go look around their forums for a bit.See what its like there.

  2. The forums are kinda confusing at first. But the thing is the threads you reply to are linked in your AF page. That helps.

    What is nice is that you get such great service in the forums. The Help guides are great, esp the SEO and SMO ones.