Thursday, July 23, 2009

Think before you link.

No, I'm not saying you are potheads, but linking kinda is a gateway drug.

Since I've been dealing with this issues in emails, I thought it would be good to get out there as general advice. Without going into details, please, Google and research someone before you say 'Yay! I'd love you to link me on the blog!!'

I know it boggles the mind to think one needs to do that, but trust me, you do. We get all excited, and sometimes don't really think about the possible ramifications which are:

That person has NO obligation to unlink you.

You are associated with that person now. Fair or not.

Following is another thing. Make SURE you know what you are attaching your name and your avatar to before you do so. Because being a Follower of a blog implies, rightly or wrong, that you agree or like or support the blogger.

Except in one weird case where I'm just there to let her know I'm THERE.

In my case it implies that I have charisma and wit akin to a Superstar! and that bags of money are being sent to me via pony. See, ya shoulda taken my advice here. Which wasn't here, so OK, no money or ponies, but the NEXT few that sign on...

Remember that this is your brand you are hitching to someone's wagon. Because you never know when that wagon might turn out to be a handbasket. And we all know where those go.


  1. You know That makes sense. And I never thought about it much. How sad is that?
    On the up side. If I comment your post maybe I can be perceived as witty by association.

  2. See, there ya go, instant wit!

  3. Ok, I found what you were talking about. Cripes.