Friday, July 17, 2009

Crafty Advice

So, you know that application I submitted to Handmade News? Turns out they like me, but I need a 'spot'. You know like when something opens up or whatever. But this is what I thought would be awesome.

Crafty Advice Column

Think Hints from Heloise meets Dear Abby except you know, it's me and my house is a mess and I'm not very sympathetic to stupidity. I could answer a couple questions once a week. Things like 'What do I do when this happens at a craft show? ' or "My husband doesn't take my work seriously' or "My friends always want me to make them stuff for free."

Now I have no expectation that the lovely V at HMN is gonna go 'Hey, she needs her own column.' but, what do you guys think? I think it would bring in readers like a train wreck on fire.

If you think it's a good idea, leave a comment woulda? You know, give me some back up.


  1. Oh for sure.
    I always read your blog post, and also love to catch your wit in the forums.
    Always makes me smile.
    Smiles are good people like that. You would bring in readers I think.

  2. OMG..You would absolutely be fabulous! Oh MS Goat..I love you. Boring you are not. I have always been drawn to those who have an edge about them. You are direct, witty, fun..ornery and no nonsense! You take no prisoners but always listen and analyze before you answer!

    When some have come to the forums for answers to really stupid questions, you do not give the most " Popular" answer. You don't give the answer that they are hoping to hear. When I read I often think, "Uh oh girl you better have your big girl panties on..because I see Goat's avatar. lol.

    You are adorable(well, adorable is a stretch sometimes), but I have always thought of you as a smore ..a little crunchy on the outside, but inside you are just a softy.

    You would be perfect for " Answers from the Old Goat" ha...I would read it everytime and laugh out loud. I always do. You always make my day!

    I will keep my fingers crossed! xoxxo Trudy

  3. Excellent idea, Ms Goat! I love it! I'm sure you'd get some whacked out Q's, and other times you'd get some Q's that "everyone" wants to know but no one was brave enough to ask. It wouldn't "peg" you into one thing (soap, or whatever). Great idea!