Saturday, July 18, 2009

On Marketing said... How much time should you spend on "marketing", you know, running around the internet posting on forums, and the like, just to get your name out there. I have spent weeks out there helping people, and still no sales. Is that a good use of my time?

If you have been marketing your tail off, and not getting results go back to the basics I mentioned here Things You Should Know.

Know your market, look at your presentation. You have to market but when they come to look, knock their little hand knitted socks off.

If you aren't selling, there IS a reason, you need to determine what that reason is. Some possibilities:

Inventory: Do you have enough to appeal to a broad range of taste? Is it presented coherently? Are your descriptions kinda 'bleh' or do they convey why your product is fantastic?

Seasonal: Is your product seasonal? Make something for year round use. Market a product for a specific season or holiday. Make your product something your buyer needs right now.

Pictures: Yes, I know, but are they as good as they can be? Do they show off your product, do they 'pop'? View them as a buyer happening on your shop and get feedback from other sellers. Maybe revamp your shop, new banner, get your morale lifted a bit.

Trends: Keep current, find out the latest trend in your niche, find out what is selling and for how much. Bamboo and greener materials are hot right now. Green items are hot. Color is all over the place. Do your research.

Marketing is crucial but you need to have product that your audience will fall all over when they get there. Take the time and think about what makes YOUR product special. Then rather than market a shop, you can market your own unique spin. Your brand. Yourself.

At this point, if marketing isn't working, I would suggest you do all of the above. Find your passion, what part of your product you can make your own and market to that audience. Do YOU love doing what you do? Get that to come across and people get excited.

So, get lots of feedback, research the market you are in and what other sellers are doing and then go back out there and take the virtual world by storm.
Yarn is Yarn, what makes something made by Susan special? Put that out there. Sell, it sister!

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  1. This is great info, thank you! I have been redoing some of the pictures in my shop.
    My product seems to be doing well though, even when I only promote on Etsy.
    I'd like to venture out and start getting my bookmarks into bookstores...wouldn't that be neat?

    Now to find time to make enough bookmarks for that... LOL.