Tuesday, July 21, 2009

and now for something completely differant.

A few sellers and myself have been targeted by a woman who sells as Artfire (AF has since closed her Bead Shop) after being banned from Etsy. I was notified of a blog a little while ago. Etsy sellers know her as she and other artist's lampwork as her own.

It's kinda funny because my bakeshop is closed during the Summer and I rent a commercial kitchen, but whatever. I just wanted to let you know that it's a malicious campaign done by someone who was stood up to and bears no merit.

It is a reminder to make sure your sales tax and whatnot is up to date. Mine is but that's just because I'm all about order, not because I expected to be on a Troll Blog.

So, if you Google me and this comes up, that's why. If any of it makes you uncomfortable and you want clarification from me, I will be happy to provide it. That's really about all I care to say at this point as now I get to pursue legal matters like slander. When I'd really rather be making soap.

Oh, if this ever happens to you here Report Abuse I reported is as hate because they don't remove slander. Yes, it's true. I(t won't get removed, but I felt a little better,lol.


  1. Holly's ROCK!!!!! heehee. Stay strong girl. That troll will get hers.
    Now, I need SOAP! Off to shop.

  2. Dude, now everyone knows I'm not a real goat. Thank you.

  3. I would try to find someone at blogger to contact because I know they have removed libelous blogs before.

  4. I happened to catch the "FRAUD ALERT" thread on Etsy before it was removed. How ironic, if that is the same person who was claiming she'd made lampwork beads that she did not make. I sent a comment to her blog about the Texas situation because I know for a fact that Texas state agency employees do not discuss any ongoing/pending investigations.

    I'm off to find some soap to order from your shop when the weather cools off. I worry a bit about in melting in transit with our 100+ days down here.

  5. Thanks. It sure shot my GA's through the roof,lol. My EIN is under Vanilla Bean so yeah, she's just making stuff up as she goes along. AF shut her shop down.

    Fun with Forums!

  6. Love your soap and your strong style. Uppity women rock!

    I reported her to the Sheriffs today and to the State yesterday for using employees and tax payers money for vengence. I suggest anyone else getting a visit from Ulljas death squad to point it out to em and ask for their criminal division so you can file a report against her.

    As a wise Goat was heard telling a staffer

  7. How many personalities must one have to form a Death Squad? Imagine the fighting among the ranks there.

  8. Hi Holly,
    Well, I'm on her blog now too. And I not sure why she's targeting me, but she is a malicious psycho! I flagged her blog (thanks for the hint about the hate button).

  9. Welcome, all the cool kids are on the blog.

  10. Ok, I guess I need to go Google, cause I's lost.

  11. But now am found...


    and mine


  12. sorry that this happened to you.