Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Marathon Challenge Documentary

If it's jerky, watch it on the You Tube site.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good thing I checked.

So since the Miracle of The Pants happened I thought I'd really get down to business and get rid of any and all clothes that were the slightest bit big. First because it makes me look sloppy but really, it's because if my clothes are loose I get complacent.

Those clothes on the bed, those are all my 200 pound clothes from eight years ago along with some I bought that were too small then. Most were in the bottom drawer of my dresser, some in the closet. I figured when I hit 200 I'd give them a try. But since the MTP happened I thought I should revisit them sooner.

Good thing because they all fit. Even the too small then ones. If I had waited they'd all be too big which would have made me less happy then you'd imagine. Because they are all pretty new (as in not worn) and well, clothes cost money. I know, right?

You can see my pups all, I don't know what, really, uh, keeping watch? That's about 300 pounds of dog crammed into whatever space they could find. I was pretty impressed.

And that is the drawer, because I'm punchy after a whole day of clothes and closet and under bed cleaning and figured WTH?

Sunday Music Leonard Cohen

Friday, August 26, 2011

August Pictures


I found these pants accidentally. I bought them eight years ago when I was 200 and they were too small. They are Columbia Tek (not the Uni) pants in an XL.

Made for hiking, etc. I tried them on just I don't know, to torture myself and they fit. And not, Fiiiiiit fit, I mean, they zipped up and snapped and weren't stressed or stretched.

Again, It's not the greatest pic, hard to get an 11 year old boy to take good pictures and I'm squinting with wet hair,lol. The side you can see I'm smaller but still the same shape. I'll take smaller but I'd like a substantial gut increase.

Thing is, I'm still at 223. So I'm heavier then when these pants were too small. This is what heavy duty weight training will do for ya. Top is April, Middle is July and bottom is now. Just 63 more pounds to go...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I needed this.

Been feeling rather demoralized. I have this DVD, everyone should, really. SO I thought  would share it with you. I also have the CD, I need to go listen to it...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DOMS, Blue Hanger and a PSA

I think the technical term is Delayed Owie Muscle Suckage. See I went from my 'Lets get you stable." trainer to my 'Let's fix your knee' trainer/PT and yesterday worked out with Andrew. Think Jillian Michaels, but you don't want to bitch slap him over and over and over.

I like him a lot.

He killed me Tuesday but I did well and felt fine. So well in fact that he has concluded that I am not exercising at the level I should be and that I need to ramp it way up. Yay? ANYway, I worked out a bit today, no big stuff, lots of tedious PT knee mostly.

Came home, had lunch, ran errands. Sat down to play Silent Hill (wow the graphics were sucky ten years ago) because a new one is coming out in October, and when I got up an hour later almost fell over and died. I haven't been this sore since I started Martial Arts. Its AWESOME.

Although I am a little leery about what he has planned for Friday....

Coincidentally, I am now a blue hanger  at Target. This means I wear a large not an XL in tops. It was funny having to retrain my eye to look for blue hangers. I didn't buy anything cause we are broke, but wanted to see if I had gotten in smaller and I have. From an XL to an L in normal, not women's sizes (No more 1,2,3 for me!) and from a 22 to a 20 to an 18 as of today.

Now this is good but gentle reader, take heed. If you are fat, lose it NOW. There were jeans I couldn't wear because while they fit, the loose skin on my thighs and stomach was grotesque when I sat down. I have this big muscle mass with a layer of fat with a lot of extra skin. So the skin sort of moves and settles really horribly. Like I'm melting.

I am trying really hard to stay positive, a challenge for me any day, but as much as I've big girl pantied it, it's hard. I can sit and grab a handful of this quaintly called Mother's Apron but medically addressed as pannis. You can Google it if you have a strong anti OMG reflect. If it were gone, I'd be ten pounds lighter.

The smaller I get the more It Becomes....  But I kind of like looking over my boobs and not seeing a gut. Like I have to sort of peer under. In a bra, without a bra it's just one melting mess of mammary. I don't know where I will end up, surgery is out of the question for lots of reasons. I'm hoping it will get marginally better, nut if not, oh well, right?

I don't really feel great about sharing this. But it's my PSA. Take heed. Once you become obese enough and old enough, what you end up with after a lot of hard work isn't very pretty naked. So don't do that.

ps. I also recommend giving away your clothes the INSTANT they are too big. It's really easy to get complacent when your pants are ass baggy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ok, I'll tell you then.

For like, the last twelve years I have thrown up every day. It's down to a science, I feel nauseous and if I can gag (really, I can just do that) it passes. Sometimes not. It's never during one time of the day. I had tests to check for all kinds of things. I just figured it was something I'd deal with and I did.

Then I started juicing and only eating veg/beans/seeds. One day I realized I hadn't thrown up in well, in like, two days. I also found out that tea makes me sick to my stomach, go figure. Black tea. Tannic acid or just I don't know The Queen hates me or something.

ANYway, I have been re-introducing foods. I can do ok with sprouted breads a couple times a week. Three wafer cookies made me sick. SO we did some stuff (the Royal We) and found out while not Celiac or strictly intolerant (others may disagree) gluten makes me feel like crap. And want to kill people.

Enter sorbet for the sugar test. Fine and dandy, which kind of surprised me. Not that I'll be sugaring it up, but this is all part of the process.

Today I had vanilla soft serve. Back to Puky Town along with some noxious fumage. So dairy is out. *GROSS ALERT** I'm also thinking the nausea  has something to do with the lovely mucous I've been spitting since three this afternoon. Funny what you live with day to day and don't notice.

I'm really kind of a private person and I have to idea why anyone would want to read this, BUT, maybe you are having difficulties and can't figure out why. I have eaten this stuff forever and you know what, I have never felt well. AT one point we were (not the Royal, the doctor and I) were looking at Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Anemia and Parkinson's because my tremor was so bad. The tremor is still there, but greatly diminished.

It never occurred to me, or was suggested, it was food related because while fat, I ate what I considered good food. Lots of yogurt, whole wheat, etc.  When I started my juice thing that sort of set the Duh Wheels in motion.

So, what I'm being usually long winded about is start with the basics. If you feel like shit everyday, are tired everyday, take the time to do a food elimination and re-introduction. It's simple and it's, best of all, free.

As for me, I'm satisfied and will go back to juice, veg, etc. Very clean eating. Just the last few days I have felt not so great and I want it back *sob*.  I have not gained any of the weight back now that I'm eating more, in fact I've lost a few more pounds. I have noticed that during my week of what am I allergic to, my skin doesn't look nearly as nice.

Now if I could just learn to love lentils.


Seems dairy is now off the table as well as gluten. Don't ask how I know, just take my word for it.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goat Milk Soap

Mermaid Soap

Well, the last of the soap is going up on Blue Dot Shops Goat Mountain Arts I still have about six more scents to list, but when it's gone, it's gone.

Shipping is still a Flat Rate of $6.00 within the USA regardless of how many shops you buy from at any given time.

So now is the time to swoop in and stock up, for yourself or for Christmas. If there is something you want and don't see, shoot me a note. I may not have it listed yet. I am also open to making a few custom batches, but this will be the end of the soap making for a couple years, if not well, the end.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back.


SO it looks like I'll be walking my first 5K 9/17/11. If I'm super lucky I can run a little of it. Turns outs it's really my MCL (meniscus something ligament) I'm supposed to be happy because most people tear it and mine is 'just sprained'. I don't feel lucky, I feel pissed and really disappointed and frustrated. On a good day.

So for now it's no running, no 'real'walking, just bike and maybe some Arc Trainer which at least works you way harder then the mind numbing Elliptical.

I'm still juicing, eating clean and raw mostly with the exception of Pho type soups which leads me to the Holy Grail in A Box Pacific Foods Organic Pho Base. I almost wept. No lie.

I have some recipes to post in a couple days of stuff I've been fiddling with, and yes, it has Chia seeds.


Are you dying to have these? I know I am. My very good friend Jo has them listed here noJoisaverage and if I had pocket money I'd be all over them. 

Imagine them as the most awesome supply holders EVER.

Jo also has a shop on Blue Dot called 42 Things that has some wonderful items. All lovely goods and all recycled.

Saturday, August 6, 2011