Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tell me this doesn't sound fabulous.

"Acai (pronounced "ah-SIGH-ee") is a small, tropical, deep purple berry, and mangosteen is a tropical fruit with a citrusy-peachy flavor and aroma. Both fruits are hot, hot, hot right now, which makes our Acai & Mangosteen fragrance a tropical double-threat.

Fruity top notes of strawberry, peach, orange, melon, and mandarin sit atop a fruity-floral middle of freesia, lily of the valley, raspberry, and papaya. Deep sweet balsamic vanilla notes complete the accord. Like a sunny day in the rain forest in a bottle!"

Yep, one of the new Fall soaps along with a Spa Beachy kind of thing and a Vickie's Secret Angel's Divine dup that doesn't make you smell like a two dollar whore. At least a twenty dollar. At recession rates that's like a fifty dollar hooker.

I'm nothing if not classy.

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