Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yes, it's the 'C' word.

Christmas. What? What were you thinking?

Nothing says, "Hey, I know what your name is and that you wash yourself or well, that you should wash yourself." like a custom order.

Want to give a friend (or someone you are flat out forced to buy a thoughtful gift for) a batch? That's eight bars (plus a few guest size soaps), your scent choice and I'll name it whatever you'd like and package it pretty.

No lie, want to name it 'Bitch' soap and give it to the MIL as a (not) gag gift, I'm here for you. No, I cannot duplicate the scent of passive aggressive manipulation, sorry.

**Signals importance**
If you want a scent that needs to be made or isn't in stock, allow four weeks at least. Like start thinking Christmas now. This will allow time for the soap to cure. **

Flat rate shipping is $9.25 Soap is heavy. If I can get it under $9.25 I will cheerfully (really) refund the difference.

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