Friday, July 24, 2009

My HD Rocks!

I have a wonderful Health Department. Don't be afraid if something like this ever happens to you, they really are there to help. So, they know what's up and everything is fine.

I did reword my opening as it was confusing, apparently 'home kitchen' means something different in regard to HD requirements. I just thought is sounded cozy.

In a way this has been a sort of perverse promo, forced networking sort of thing. I have to say I've had such support from the community, increased sales, plus it made me get in touch with the people I need in the future when I'm apt to put that off. It forced me to organise my paperwork, in like a file and everything!

I've certainly become familiar with anti stalking and harassment law. I'm glad I took the time to call all agencies first, because now there is a documented precedent and she can't continue without looking well, as she is.

So while this was a huge PIA, wait, it wasn't, it was actually pretty easily resolved with a couple phone calls, and her libel is still up there, it kinda worked out for me.

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