Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yeah, Vicki, sure...

So I get this email from Vicki marked 'Urgent' right? Normally I delete these but sometimes they turn out to be a customer who REALLY needs something shipped. SO here is the body of the email. I mean, what? Is anyone so loaded they'd go "Well I have no idea who this person is, but, she's in TROUBLE! I must send $2000 straight away!"

Are there really so many Vicki's with well to do friends, leading dangerous lifestyles on an International level that the odds of contacting someone who would go "Oh, Vicki, crap, hold on girl!" make this worthwhile?

Then I got the one below the first. I'm sure it's only a matter of hours before Vicki is in an even more urgent, and urgent and terrible and urgent situation. Sorry, Vicki, not only are we broke, but we aren't stupid.

How are you doing Today?and How is work over your end?Sorry that i have to inconvinience you at this moment.I'm in England, and in need of your urgent assistance. Please i want you to lend me about ($2,000.00) today to enable me to complete my activities here. I will reimburse you as soon as I return.i will explain details when i return home.Send it through Western Union or Money Gram with this information.
Receiver: vicky rumsey
Location: 1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP, United Kingdom.

How are you doing Today?and How is work over your end?sorry that i have to inconvinience you at this moment.I am in some terrilbe situation and i am really going to need your urgent help.i am presently stranded in kent (uk) and i need you to help me out of here fast.i do not have access to any thing for now except my email and have also got limited access to the internet.
i will be waiting for your response.

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