Sunday, August 30, 2009

Artfire rocks again!

First the Kiosk and now Coupon Codes and Gift Certificates! You can even make your own coupon code. For instance instead of number52323928392 I have a Thankyou! coupon for 10% off next purchase.

Pretty freaking awesome.


  1. I am so through with artfart-they are useless!!! I tried to get anyone to respond for weeks, finally got Paypal to cut off the monthly funding for their so-called "Premium" account-a premium sucker is what I felt like-and they are totally going eBay, with Facebook apps, etc.
    I realize that you have been successful on Art fire- and you know I wish you personally nothing but the best-soapsellers and supply sellers are the only ones who are, according to their own stats...but after 3 months of paying for an account, very few views and absolutely no sales, i had to ask what i was paying for-the only thing I heard from them was a computer-generated e-mail asking why i had cancelled my subscription-about 5 minutes after it happened-this after 3 weeks of trying unsuccessfully to get a response from Admin there...still haven't heard from 'em-go and look at my site and see what's left-I de-activated everything but my Etsy mini-and still it persists like the zombie site it always was!
    Okay, thanks for letting me vent...just really disappointed in a site I had such high hopes for....

  2. Sorry to hear that, I had no problem canceling my other shop. I've dealt with them by phone and they were really helpful as well.

    I think we all need to find our 'spot'. I think if they've gotten this much done in Beta, when they go live there might be a better fit.

    Like Etsy, my sales on AF have still been from people I 'know' or have come through my blog. I just get so fed up with E's constant fuck ups and excuses (when they can be bothered) you know?

    I tried 1K Markets but was so turned off by the sign up process I never followed through. I just realllly don't want to take up the craft show circuit again, but, who knows?

  3. I'm currently on zibbet as well which is in beta and the guy who started it answers when you write--they have gone out of their way to be wonderful-and it's $7 a month-these people seem actually interested in what sellers needs are-they respond well to suggestions and they are consistent cheer leaders for the site ...I really like it, they are out of Australia, you should take a look. I'm still in the process of setting up shop there, and their shipping needs to change-but they know it and are working on it-I really like the way this site works.

    If you are interested in wholesale yet or plan to do some in the future, GoZabo is totally free to list and they are oriented to retailers and those who order in larger quantities as well as individual buyers...

  4. I'll give Zibbet a shot, for $7 it's worth a go for a couple months.

  5. Miz,

    I'll list you as a referral.