Friday, August 28, 2009

Cheap ads

I got two large car magnets for my Element, from Vista Print. If you search for a coupon code you can go through the link and get them for 50% off. I paid $32 with standard shipping and the got here within the week. Which I thought was outstanding.

They are 17 x 11. I bought the small but they looked out of proportion. I think the small would be fine on a car. So I went and ordered the large. Much better.

I also got a decal for the back window from Letter Express It and was thrilled with the product, price and service (and the clever name). They send two so it's not this nerve wracking what if I screw this one up sort of thing.

Now, will I get sales. Too soon to see. But I have seen a couple people writing the decal add down behind me in traffic. Yesterday this guy on a scooter pulled up to me at a red light and asked me to roll down my passenger side window. I thought maybe he was an Element person, but he wanted to know what I sold on E.

Of course this did not go over well with Kinley who determined he was a threat and went all Cujo on him. Which is cool, I'd prefer he do that to strange men who approach my car then not. The guy was a little flattered to be considered so dangerous, it all worked out.

The car magnets have the E addy with the AF addy underneath. I'm considering removing the E addy decal and replacing it with my blog addy and that would direct traffic to both shops. Plus I think 'blogspot' is easier to remember than Etsy.

In fact, I'm going to order that now. I almost think sending folks to my blog would be better and more people would be curious to see what the link led too. I'll let you know how it works out.

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  1. Ha! I could see me sending folks to my blog LOL. they would not quite undestand the info methinks.

    I am glad you shared that about the ads and promos though, may give it a shot as well. Cept I worry ppl see jewelry and think either :
    granny made stuff
    uber rich diamonds and I get mugged.