Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Etsy, can you hear me?

Ok, so Artfire came out with this awesome Facebook app. I'm not really a FB or MS type of person, all those friends sitting there looking at me, waiting for me to respond in some fashion. Or not, that's just how I feel.

I mean I know blog followers (waves) are here to read so I can deal with that. But I feel like I have to acknowledge 'friends' on FB and it just makes me stressed,lol. I get way too invested in the whole thing.

But check this out Goat Mountain Arts you can shop without ever leaving FB, how cool is that? PLUS it's on it's stand alone business page. So if you have a personal page you aren't mucking it all up with stuff your personal people would rather not wade through.

Etsy has something sorta (not really) like this with the Etsy mini but it only goes to your personal page. That's why when the FB option on E was launched is went over like a lead balloon. AT the time we were told it couldn't be done but once again, AF ups the ante.

Come on Etsy, I'm rooting for ya but it's starting to feel like you aren't even interested in getting out on the field much less playing the game. If AF can do store wide sales, coupons nd now this, well? You have MILLIONS of dollars and Accel backing you, what gives?

This is just one aspect of how Artfire is kicking Etsy's ass while Etsy seems to not notice, although those of us who care are poking it in the shoulder over and over yelling 'Hey, look out!!'

No, I don't understand it either. And for weeks, you can't use the E gets more traffic justification either. I may have high views and low sales on AF but well. On E it's low views and lower sales.

SO, come on Etsy, I'd be thrilled to put my E shop on the great Pod Plain that is FB. AF has managed to do it and in the process lifted the morale of hundreds of sellers. I have to be honest, E, these days all I do is sort of shake my head and walk off rather than trying to figure out what sort of dysfunction seems to be steering you these days.

While at the same time wondering if speaking out means it's just a matter of time before my shop is shut down. I'm not kidding, I'm writing this post and thinking "Should I do this? I just got car door magnets with both the E and AF address, what if I get shut down? Can I afford to speak my mind?"

It's not a good feeling. We have been willing to use Etsy Hacks, fcol, and all sorts of archaic site 'features' just to stay true to you. Where is that commitment to us?


  1. -sigh- its just so maddening, for all the reasons you've stated.

    I've had a love/hate relationship with etsy for a long long time. AF has made me giddy of late. And coupon codes are coming. Are you kidding me? I may just faint..

    Shiny on Artfire

  2. When "we" are told that something can't be done, maybe it means that "they" don't know how to do it. Plus they resent any ideas that aren't their's, it makes them feel stupid.