Monday, August 24, 2009

Bear with me.

I'm supposed to have pics and what not up today. But, you see, every year around this time a Magical Season happens. Mother's everywhere refer to it as 'A Return to Sanity'. Yes, the end of Summer and the blessed, blessed beginning of the school year.

Don't get me wrong, I love hanging with the boy and days of whatever. But right about this time is well, you know in the movies where the guy has been in the desert for so long "Water...water." and over that last dune is an oasis?

It's like that.

Well, with a lot of prep work. But still, that day after Labor Day Mother's everywhere breath a collective sigh and go home and sit on the couch just staring at nothing for as long as humanely possible.

So if things on the blog seem a bit lagging, be patient. I'm on the cusp of total exhaustion and impending relief. And know that soon, soon, all will be well.


  1. I just sent three girls off this morning for their first day back at school.
    I love them dearly, but as I told a friend this morning, words cannot express what I am feeling.
    Your words just came close.
    >>"I'm on the cusp of total exhaustion and impending relief."<<

    That was yesterday in a nutshell for me. This morning, I would have been hauled off to the loony bin if anyone had heard me laughing while tears ran down my face.

    Hang in there...

  2. Amen sister ! I have 4 and all I can say is that my 90 year old bus driver looks like a Greek God coming up my road in his big yellow bus .My last one goes full day this year and I am sure I am going to do too many cartwheels - throw out my hip and spend the rest of the year in traction.....which would still be more relaxing then this summer has been : )