Friday, August 21, 2009

Funny Face

This is coming along slowly because when it's bazillion degrees wool strips don't seem so appealing.

But it is coming along. It's also a lot bigger than I anticipated. That happens to me a lot, something about lack of planning.

You can see that little green end in the last pic sticking up. That will be cut level along with a hundreds of others I always miss.


  1. Hey!
    Just saw this 'craft' for the first time a couple of weeks ago at a tiny country fair inland from where I am-and loved it-but I would have to have an alternative to wool-allergic! Still, a really interesting technique...
    Hope you are having enough success on Artfire to warrant staying there,unfortunately I'm not...too expensive to stay with 0 sales at $12 per month, but wish you all the best-really nice folks and great one page listing-gotta love that!
    Glad you didn't get pushed out of anywhere by our mutual acquaintance-always good to have your voice available!
    Wendi -mizdarlin

  2. I'm torn, Etsy seems to be falling apart at an alarming rate and although my sales are higher on E those aren't random sales. The ones on AF are, for the most part. Maybe two on E.

    I just wish AF would clean itself up a bit more. Although the E Urban Outfitter thing gets realllly old.

    I'm waiting it out and who knows if the listing will even be working tomorrow on E.

    You could rug hook or punch with cotton, anything really. With rug punch you can use yarn (both really but RP is easier with yarn that hooking with it) so no reason you couldn't use a non wool yarn.

    I love the bells and whistles at AF, there's just such a gross lack of professionalism at E in any regard I feel a little dirty staying there. It's hard to go back to four or five page listing when at AF it's ONE.