Monday, August 3, 2009


This is Baxter. Baxter is my heart dog. He made me look like a Rockstar at all our classes, is always on the job and always very serious. Except when he does the shoe thing which is pick up a shoe and look at me. The I have to chase him around pretending I really want the shoe.

Then I tell him to 'Drop it.' and he gets a treat.

Baxter has been sick since yesterday, so right now he is where all my energy is. I think he'll be ok, but he's been moving like an old dog on and off for awhile and he's only three and a half. Yesterday he starting vomiting and he looks a little better today but won't eat.

I'll take him in if he doesn't perk up, as much as he ever does, soon. Right now he's sleeping. I don't really want to talk about it anymore because I'll get upset. So, anyhow. Think good thoughts.

I'll update you tomorrow.


  1. Baxter is the Cary Grant/Gregory Peck of the dog world - he's a looker!
    Hope he shakes it off and is back to normal soon. Am thinking good thoughts for a good dog here!

  2. My prayers are with you and Baxter. Having been in a similar situation recently, don't wait too long to go to the vet. You know your dog and when something's not right you should listen to your gut. And that's something my vet told me.

  3. Your Baxter and my Sadie could be siblings! Baxter looks a lot like my last pooch Moose too.