Sunday, August 30, 2009


Still no word from Vicki/Vicky. Sent this morning:
Dear Vicki/Vicky,

Still no word from you! Heavens to Betsy! I do hope you are well or as well can be given your urgent and dire circumstances. The gist of which remain unknown, other than being urgent and dire.

I decided authorities be damned! I will send you the money! This morning I went and took some of my jewels out of the safety deposit box. I thought $2000 was such a paltry sum, I realised you must have meant $20,000. After all how far will $2000 get a girl these days? I must spend that much on cocktails at the club weekly!

I'm afraid I was so agitated I lost your address, please, please respond Vicky/Vicky with the proper address to which to send this $20,000 and I promise to do so post haste!

I will be here, waiting by the computer, cash in hand. Please, I'm terribly concerned about someone I've never met before, do get in touch!!!

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