Saturday, August 29, 2009


So I got a Twitter account Goatmountainart (no room for the S) and no I have no frickin idea what I'm supposed to do. But, uh, it's there. But since you are here, I'm not seeing the investment potential.

It was all like 'Hey, you can invite these people!' and I'm all like 'No, I feel spammy!'. So well, I'm on Twitter.

I feel underwhelmed.

Ok, so now my FB is linked to my blog and Twitter. Dude, I'm getting that 'Borg' feeling.


  1. Ha! That's exactly how I felt at first too. Once you start to follow some people (then you'll see their updates when you sign in), you'll see that people "Tweet" just about anything...from what they're making for dinner and what movie they just saw, to what they've just listed in their shops or what project they are currently working on.
    I've heard it referred to as "micro-blogging", so maybe looking at it that way will make more sense to you since you are clearly comfortable blogging (and pretty good, too!)...Twitter was kind of my springboard into blogging, so you're already a step ahead :)
    You have a few followers already; just follow them back and it will all start to fall into place. Believe me, I was the biggest skeptic a couple months ago, and now I log in everyday just to see what everyone's up to, and to throw out the occasional random thought or project update.
    Wow this comment turned into a book!
    Best of luck to you--(hugs)

  2. At first, you see posts from the same people constantly because you aren't following many people. It gets better. Cautionary word, don't follow just anybody, and NEVER mention the phrase marketing in your posts. You'll end up with a gazillion internet marketers wanting you to follow them. lol

  3. I'm following you now, but you have to actually follow someone else to see other posts! lol

  4. Thanks, guys. I'll give it a chance and see what happens, it just seems sort of, well, I don't really understand the appeal, basically.

    Then again years ago I didn't get the 'forum thing' so well...