Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So I'm going to do it.

The 5K. Even if I can't run all of it. At least I'll know if it's something I want to do again, right? After all my biggest concern was really how well I would do with the crowds and so many people, well, so close.

I am going to leave the dogs at home though. Any of them would pick up on any anxiety and that wouldn't go so well. I'd only take Baxter, but still.

My husband will pick up my packet Friday and drop me off Saturday morning so I don't have to deal with parking. It's close enough to walk except its a mile of huge hill there and back. No thanks.


  1. I'm running my first 5K in November. I fully expect to walk part of the way. I don't think there is any shame in that.

  2. I think for me, it's just the frustration having been sidelined. Ok, it's because I am a total control freak. I grossly underestimated the difference between outside and treadmill running as well. I don't know how I thought I[d run 5K outside having never run 3 miles or outside,lol.