Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sept Pic

Not the greatest but I had to get one in before Sept was over. I'm down 30 pounds since April. The last five this week. Just 59 more to go...

I still have a hard time with pictures because I feel thinner then I look and then I get all sad,lol. Remember that shirt? That was my goal shirt in May.

April Left- Fifteen minutes ago, right


  1. look how strong and straight your legs look! awesome!

  2. You look considerably thinner in the now pic. I feel your pain though, i've been running my ass for for what seems like 6 months, and I haven't lost a single pound. I've lost two inches off my hips, but it would be nice to see some movement on the scale.

  3. 30 lbs since May is a huge drop! I think the changes are really dramatic. Stay strong!

  4. Hello!
    So I was browsing Etsy (during work, which I do far more often than I ought), and on the teams page, under the teams to which one belongs, it lists a random selection of other teams and there it was - Team Goat. And lately I've been on this art kick involving goats and other farm-ish animals, so I clicked... and then some other things happened and I wound up here. [Probably more info than you needed. Sometimes I do that.])

    In any case, I wanted to say you look noticeably different in the second pic, congratulations! I just joined Weight Watchers two weeks ago (my second time). It's slow to start but progress is being made. :)

    Also, though I'm not doing it now, I have done a lot of years volunteering at Humane Societies, and I am a total dog person and your dogs look awesome. And dog people are the best. :o)