Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So last night was the first Running 101 class. You know, the class where the description is "if you can run 30 to 60 seconds and are looking for a transition from walking to running.."?

We are to run/walk 1/2 mile to the track and then the teacher announces that we are all to run a mile as fast as we can. I caught a lift with the instructor as I was the only one who couldn't run and didn't want to be the only walker who got there eventually. From what I'm gathering (a third has taking this class three times) I am the only beginning runner.

I'm thinking WTF?! Really? The idea, I suppose is to determine how fast you can run a mile, but you know, 101? I did about half before my hamstring (it's decided it needs to be two or three inches shorter then it is) was like, nope.

Then after that we did running drills. That was more suitable as you had three levels to choose from. Suffice to say it was a whole lot more then I'd bargained for. I'd already run 3 miles that morning and it was 7:30 at night on a track. By that time I'm in pajamas and getting Gabriel settled in for the night.

I'll continue to see how it goes, Wednesdays are supposed to be all drills, tempo, fartlek, relay (not excited since I'm the slowest) etc. Monday we meet at the track for endurance type running.

I guess I expected more of what I'd assume was 101, like form work, you know setting a foundation. Also the stretches that we were supposed to do were not safe for people with knee injuries. Lots of hyper extending. So I did something else.

It was not what I'd call a positive experience. If I had been taking this as a look see (which I should have done) I wouldn't have registered way back when. There is another store that offers similar training and they insist you take it for a week before committing. In hindsight I should have looked around a bit more a previewed the programs.

I felt like there should have at least been a first session where the Coach asked basic info, maybe you fill out a form, so they know what's going on. Not standing in a circle saying your first name and why you are here. It felt very amatuer.

So all in all, it was a little frustrating and not as organized and I expected. It's seems to be very generic and the fact that the coach was recommending stretches without considering previous or current injury concerns me.

All in all it was a little discouraging and a bit disappointing. But we'll see how it pans out.

UPDATE: I just got back from talking with my trainer who is also a coach for track and he was really upset when I laid last night out for him. Which makes me feels you know, validated, but at the same time more disgruntled,lol.


  1. I'm so sorry you had such a negative experience! Not all beginning running classes are like that... Hopefully you can find one that is a good fit for what you need. :) Don't give up!

  2. Oh it got worse. Next time I will preview a couple classes for sure. I haven't felt like that since Jr. High except in Jr. High I could just get stoned and not give a fuck.