Monday, September 26, 2011

Remember when this blog was about making things?

I was pondering that over the last couple of days, realizing how much the focus has changed. I'm not sure remaking myself really counts. There has been a lot going on off-blog, stuff I need to handle on my end and that continues. But we don't' need to go into all that. It's all economy tanking no work related, nothing dire although at times it sure feels that way.

ANyway, I am going to clear out my workspace and get some work down per the next couple of weeks. So I'll post pictures. It's been hard to get motivated between being tired and the realization that things simply aren't selling. I can't believe people don't NEED my stuff,lol.

My next 5K is November 6 and I'd like to get in under 40 minutes but thats almost six off my first time. Under 45 would be cool too. I'll try and get some 'Hey, I'm less fat!' pictures up too. But for now, here are gratuitous dog pictures.

See that Collie mix to the left? he is the most discreet herder ever. He loves to run along Kinley when he's getting the ball, or in this case the same damn toy he's taken there for two months. But he is so discreet he's no bother.

Us, for two weeks now.


A sleeping dog lying. 

My two boys.

Eyes on the road. Then on me. Then on the road. Pretty much from start to finish. I'm sure he think's he's a better driver.

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