Saturday, July 2, 2011

Seems like a lot longer.

Ok, here I am in April, and here I am now. Same clothes. Shorter hair again, but I look old and tired so you don't get the headshot,lol.

It's been three months. I really wanted to get under 230 for my birthday, but oh well. I am up to five minute intervals at 4.2 whatever. And yeah, I know the scale, blah, blah, but I'd really like to see those numbers go down.

Today is a rest day as I'm wrecked after training and then boxing last night. Hitting things is really fun.

I'm thinking eventually seeing pictures of myself won't be s mortifying I'll use a camera but for now it's really more of a 'Lets get this over with.' I guess when you get quality shots is when I start to feel less loathsome. Funny how you 'look' so much better then you photograph. Well, not funny, really.

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