Monday, July 18, 2011

Day Four

I woke up and I feel...good. Not tired, not nauseous. Not magically recovered and injury free, but good. What I'm eating tastes good. I don't feel puffy. Which I shouldn't because I'm down another pound which makes six pounds since Friday. Normally I lose a half pound every two weeks.

Now, I didn't do this because of the weight loss (although that's a nice perk) but because I felt like shit almost all the time and because I wasn't losing I was gaining. It' sheen so long since I've spent real time out of my head that I need to get to know my body better rather then just gassing up with a box of Frosted Flakes.

Now, from what I'm reading most don't start to feel ok until day four or five and then hit 'great' around day six. I think that the changes I made a month or so ago and have stuck with make this a lot easier for me. No lie. I basically just had to cut out wheat, rice, any meats (don't eat them often) and dairy.

The fact that I am doing the fifteen day version (juicing AND eating veggies and fruits) is the saving grace though. Because I am eating I don't get anxious and while I admit I've spent more time in the bathroom then usual, I think the eating of the whole food is better for my digestive system.

I'm also eating lentils and beans which is not technically 'allowed' but this isn't technically by the book either. I think I may be an accidental vegan.

SO I suspect that a great many of my general malaise related woes are in fact some sort of low grade food allergy. But I can suss that out later. Right now I need to recover from these stupid injuries. I have to think being six pounds lighter helps.

Oh, and I only wanted half a cup of coffee this morning. How crazy is that?

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