Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How sad...

I have no ass muscle. This is why I can't do a proper squat. Because it all comes from my thighs. Go figure.  

Ashley pointed out that when I get up my knees go inward to compensate. So it's near impossible for me to do a squat with anything close to resembling a straight back.

This is one of the biggest perks of having someone knowledgable watch you move around and do stuff. I'm finding I have great areas of overdeveloped and underdeveloped muscle and years spent compensating. Great traps, no deltoids. Great quads, no glutes. Really tight hip muscles, ow.

Since my priority is to avoid injury the goal now is to balance me out so I have decent form and my muscles can work as a team instead of one group dragging the other around. 

Who knew how you get out of a chair could be such a big part of that? 

Also, any muscle that sounds like a dinosaur is going to hurt. That is my scientific observation. Periformis, anything ending in aus/as/is or starting with Recti. The Periformis is the one that gets worked out by someone stabbing you with their finger and holding it there for what seems like eternity.

Oh, and it's turns out there is this thing  tensor fasciae latae  sounds cool right? Like a frozen coffee 
drink. Nope, it's this really important part of you that hurts like hell when you find it. 

"Although the pain may be felt mainly in the knee, the problem is actually caused by the muscles that support the knee. Namely the tensor fasciae latae and the large muscle at the rear of your upper leg, called the gluteus maxims."

I didn't even know there was stuff there. 

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  1. ah, the attack of the flat mom bum. Why do we end up having no bums!

    that's part of the reason why I'm biking more to beef up the glutes.