Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chia Seeds

I'm really skeptical when it comes to 'hot' foods. Like maca or whatever magic superfood is supposed to make everything ok.

That being said, Chia Seeds kick ass for real. Rather then a rush, it's just, you have more long term energy. Because they absorb so much water (nine times their size) they make you feel fuller and two tbls has 24 percent of your daily fiber.

I started having them for breakfast as made here Healthful Sense and have used a blueberry slurry and almond milk combo as well. 1/4 cup makes a BIG serving, about a cup. It seems like a lot but it goes down well and doesn't sit in the stomach.

If you don't like pudding textures you could throw a handful of oats to muesli in after everything has jelled. I have also used them with pomegranite juice to eat throughout the day and there is a recipe of that blog for chia jam that is fantastic.

They don't get slimy like flaxseed and don't have to be ground either, plus they don't go rancid. Ground flax in a smoothie can get gross really fast. They also have more nutritional value, protein and whatnot.

I'm looking to buy in five pound bags because at $9 a pound that's just too spendy. But it is something I will continue to eat.

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