Monday, July 18, 2011

July Pics

I'm thinking it might be time to take pictures with a 'real' camera. See my baggy pants? I used to have ass there. New shorter hair. Less chins. Gotta throw in the April Before Picture. That's Kinley wondering why the hell I'm just standing there.

Funniest discovery? Being at the gym and realizing I have a crotch. Usually there would be the fat apron hanging over most of that. Not that I'm all about you looking at my crotch, but if you click on the pics and zoom in you can see the difference.

Those pants used to be snug. My biggest challenge remains the inner tube abdomen. My hips are now 47 (down from 50) but my gut is still 48 (down from 52). But that can only get better.


  1. WOW! wow. what a huge difference from the last pictures.

  2. I know I'm super late with this comment, but you look awesome! I've been working on losing weight too - for the first time in my life last month, I saw my collarbone!

    I haven't even had kids and the abdomen is still biggest challenge. I started going to a hooping class and it's definitely helped.

    Also, I'm about to stock up on some of your coconut soap!