Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So I continue to lose and gain the same five pounds, pretty much. Yeah muscle weighs more, blah, blah, beleive me, I'm am authority on all that shit. But that aside, I'm having this bizarre chocolate covered donut freak out.

Bizarre because I don't eat chocolate covered donuts. Not since geeze, I was like what 19? And then a steady diet of substances was supplemented by chocolate milk, Hostess chocolate covered donuts and smokes.

But I'm like, in Safeway and this overwhelming I'm going to freak out of I don't eat some right NOW and like a BAG full happens. And no, I didn't get any but they haunt me still...

I mean, it's not even good junk food fcol, maybe have a wax deficiency or something. Cause if I recall, that's pretty much what they are coated with.

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