Sunday, June 6, 2010

Things I've done thus far.

I just love an opportunity to say thus. Anyhow, thus far I have gone to the gym six out of seven days for two weeks. Just cardio at this point. It has helped tremendously with the depression which is a huge relief as I really don't want to start med fiddling again, I'd like to stay on the minimum.

I've lost *sigh* 1.5 pounds,lol.

I did a lot of baking over this weekend. Once you wean yourself off sugary stuff (thanks Andrew) it's startling how little sweet one needs to taste sweet. I've used applesauce instead of butter and banana instead of sugar in three muffin recipes so far and you know what, they taste good.

You know, taste does change. I made sausage and scrambled eggs and made it through three bites before I had to give it to the dogs. So I made a fritatta with egg, all kind of veggies and scarfed it. The secret is to sprinkle Panko breadcrumbs on top and broil until it browned.

I'm sure most of it is Andrew, but whatever works. I just don't want sugary stuff. Bready stuff or even a lot of cooked foods.

The boy is grudgingly getting used to it. My husband is thrilled.

Of course I have baggied everything into single slices for portion control and gone mad bagging servings of fruits and berries and veggies. Summer is fantastic for berries, wow. Greek yogurt is a Godsend.

I'm still tired but less so. Of course everything is a mess as crashing in the afternoon does take up ones time.

I downloaded some flylady type app for the house. I can't stand the original, she makes me want to wallow in sloth for some reason, but this app is a bit more, well, less OCOA/OCD like.

That starts Monday. That will be the biggest challenge as I tend to wander about the house feeling overwhelmed and accomplishing very little.

I also closed my Twitter account. I had this lightbulb moment when I had to Google to find out what IRL meant. Though maybe I should spend more time IN it. The BIG change? PC goes OFF at 4PM. And no PC on the weekends. Obviously this starts Monday,lol.

I still haven't relisted anything on Etsy and that feels pretty good. Things will expire in a few weeks and I'll be done. I want to focus on the site no more pimps for me, thanks.

So as much as I hate being optimistic, it's not a bad start. Bagging food on the weekends makes it super convenient, even more so then opening a box of cereal, or ok, as convenient. I tend to eat for fuel, so whatever is easiest is what gets eaten.

Oh and water, did you know you can drink the stuff?


  1. great work.... tell me more about what kind of things you bag for portion control? carby snacks?

    I'm trying to lean towards more raw food.

    I also am attempting to exercise most days...

    You are inspiring :)

  2. Mostly I bag for convenience. Plus fruit stays fresher longer. I also freeze the berries and bananas together in smoothie portions so the boy can throw it in a blender. This has been a huge labor saver.

    I also went back to whole grains and flours like Amaranth which is really tasty and flax which gives baked goods serious stomach staying power.

    I'll post a couple really easy recipes tomorrow, they are quite flexible. The baked stuff is realy more for the family. Seems like I can live off berries and Greek yogurt for days,lol.

    Brown rice, stuff like that. No butter in the house, no white sugar and no cereal because that's my big downfall.

    Have you tried raw sugar snap peas? Tasty and they last awhile.

  3. we pretty much mostly eat whole foods... nothing white or bleached ... but I love the idea of the bagging up the smoothie portions...

    and I love greek yogurt, I make it a lot.

    I like sugar snap peas.

    we love flax in everything! it's fabulous for you!

  4. I used to make it but here it's cheaper to buy pre made. That stuff is fantastic. It blows my mind that it's fat free.

  5. Catching up on your blog, and really enjoying your journey, believe it or not! As one who hasn't been actively caring for herself for a while now, I can relate more than I want to. You better keep it up, because I need the motivation! ;-) Seriously, thank you for sharing this - you may not only be making a difference in your life...