Sunday, June 20, 2010


So if you don't hear from me for more then a few days it's because I've hurled the damn thing through the TV or it landed on my head or something.

I got this one because it has beginner to whatever levels. I can only assume this video is not representative of the beginner level.

Oh and yes, my gym has classes. But the classes have people in them.

Also trying Apple Cider Vinegar I took it ages ago and while I can't attest to weight loss, it did seem to help with the daily retching. So hopefully it will again. At some point the puking gets really old. Like, about two years ago.

I'll keep you posted, maybe try all this for a month and then report back. As it stands, it's been about a month and I'm just now not wanting to pass out every afternoon because of this exercise that's supposed to give me more energy.

I'm not sure who these more energized folks are, but I ain't seeing it.

Not made a thing in three weeks now, online business? What online business?


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  1. Point me towards the more energized people and let me slap them!