Wednesday, June 23, 2010

So this is next Alive Multi Vitamin Liquid had the husband pick some up.

Was looking for the shake, but eh, the shop doesn't have it and the shipping took two weeks just to start. I'm not really one for vitamins, but I'm getting a little desperate. The pills, you take three a day. I can chuck pills back like a champ but three a day? Plus there's that whole do they digest thing.

So I'll let you know. The price is pretty good $22 at Vitamin Shoppe (I hate that extra E crap). Since we don't have insurance just going ot he doc and getting a work up isn't feasible. Niether is sleeping all afternoon. It pisses me off and it's really hard to get out of bed once nap time is over.

I will say the Apple Cider vinegar is great for allergies. I've been off Claritin since I started taking it and while I have angry and not sensitive skin, I haven't had any break outs. Go figure. I started keeping the bottle on the sink back in the kitchen.

That way I can remember to dose and ew, I recommend skipping the sweetener. I know that's the common way but yuck.

My hope (kinda gave up on 'plan' for the interim) is to start making stuff Monday. There's a November show I might get invited to for soap and well, I need soap. Not simply the promise of.

Got a subscription for Farro though Amazon, that stuff is crazy pricey if you can find it at any of our local shops.

I'm TRYING to consider this month a month of transition. You know, like any day now I'll come out of this brain fog and lose a damn pound.

p.s. It tastes like those 'green' drinks or Green Machine or similar. I don't know what those "tastes awful" folks were whining about. I had mine straight but it would be pretty unnoticeable in a smoothie.

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