Thursday, June 24, 2010

is it just me?

Is anyone else struck by the fact that the copious amount of dry humping Lady Gaga does is to well, guys that ain't gonna be interested? In other words, Ga, if you Gay It Up to the extreme it looks a little silly.

It stops being sexy and goes straight to bad camp. You lost me at bowl haircut. Can you imagine that conversation?

Agent "The good news is Gaga wants you, she thinks you'd be hot in Allejandro. The bad news is you gotta get this Three Stooges haircut."

Agent "Ok, you got the part in Teeth, but you can't start laughing when the dude does that weird hoe down thing with the crop, k?"

There's enough faux Gay Swag to make one wonder if the person directing the film has any real exposure to real gay people. I mean, who knew gay men hung out in leather swag with fishnets on?

Allejandro is a 'homage to gay love and how brave it is' (paraphrasing) but WTH is deciding the bizarre swag is making the character 'gay'? And Ga, really? I don't think (if that's Allejandro) you gotta break up with him. I'm thinking maybe Gaga simply has her own version of gay men, who all dress like that and wanna do her.

It's like Gaga is backed my the S&M version of The Village People. FFS.

And while we are homaging, perhaps someone could point out to Ms. Ga that lesbians are gay people too. And while I shudder to think how they'd be portrayed, at least her chances of being considered desirable by her homaged in video co-stars might increase.

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