Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yeah, whatever.

"I do apologize for any ill informed or harsh decisions and actions made by our Support team. I can only ask for the understanding that we can make mistakes. We are human beings working at a high capacity. If you find that any actions made by our Support team have been made erroneously or without all the information, we encourage you to contact us privately and to explain what has happened. When we are in the wrong, we can and will reverse our decisions. "

This was Are You There God, It's me, Margaret's apology for shutting down shops who deigned to take umbrage (well deserved) at the Tiny Tim workplace extravaganza.

Just human beings? Really? And here I thought the Etsy staff was a Super Human Alien Race. Of course, they'd be the worst Super Humans EVER.

It always cracks me up when assholes use the 'just a human being' card. BP 'just people'. Guess what? People can SUCK and be gigantic ASSHOLES.

LOTS of human beings are NOT assholes. It doesn't go hand in hand. Honest.

"Working at a high capacity" really? Again, lots of people work without sucking. In fact, to consider anything at Etsy 'working at a high capacity' is ludicrous. Yes, it was the stress, really.

Thank God these people aren't cops or firefighters.

And speaking from personal expierence, going to Support will make you want to eat your own face.

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