Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh, what the hell.

So June 26 I turn 45. Um, yay?

I got tired of being really fat.

So I decided not to be anymore. Although not being fat takes a really long time. You know, if you do it in a healthy, non invasive or surgical way.

The lovely grey picture (I have no idea what that circle is, looks like I played a coaster) is me about 25 days ago at 236.

Black one is about 12 days ago.

Blue one is me realizing the black one was sort of cheating so I squeezed myself into a normal person's XL running shirt. That's me just now at 233.8.

I got annoyed because the XL was so 'small' and then I though "WTF? Of course it is, it's a RUNNER's XL." Thinking out of the fat box.

My goal is 160. If I'm lucky I'll clear 200 by the end of the year. It's sensible. It's really slow. But it's sensible.

SO there you go, this is the big (ha) reason I haven't been blogging or making or listing. Because I'm too tired after going to the gym five days a week. Although I'm doing C25K and really liking it.

Who knew?

Oh and in case anyone is wondering out a HRM? The Polar FT60 is worth every (lots of them) dime. It has totally changed the way I work out and I've gotten MUCH better results. I have the Flow Link which lets me download info into the site. Very cool.

My Fitness Pal  horrible name, great site. Best food tracker I have ever used but be warned the exercise calculator is WAY off. Like my HRM will say 200 calories burned and MFP will say 600. But the interface is very user friendly.

p.s. Poor Gabriel has to keep taking these pictures with my iPhone. When I lose more we'll graduate to a real camera.


  1. I can tell your belly is looking smaller and your face is slimmer :)

  2. Thanks! I was thinking I should have really worked the before picture. Like really stuck the gut out and slouched a lot. But I'll take what I can get. Having posted these makes it impossible not to succeed,lol.