Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dear Mr. Brunswick, NJ

I can certainly sympathize with wanting to buy things and not having enough money. Things like food and medicine and rent. Vet and medical care. Gas.

I see you did use my check card number to get gas. I'm thinking judging by the amount ($30) you must not be driving a gas guzzler and for that, I salute you.

That being said, almost $700 of booze? Really? Sure $233 of it was at The Wine Chateau and that sounds way classier then the Spirit Unlimited outlets you hit during the same few hours. I see you must be familiar with the staff there as why else would a teller put through a charge for $127.17 twice?

 It must have sucked when my bank shut you down after you tried to reserve a hotel room in (of all places) Alaska.

I appreciate you being so blatant in your endeavor that the bank will, eventually, return the money you stole. Plus, I got to hang out at my bank three times this week. You know, to sign disputes and get a new card.

Usually, I just make my deposits at the drive through, but this was ever so much more personal and interactive. Took lots of time too. I was able to enjoy the soft jazz my bank always has playing. Or I would have, if I enjoyed soft jazz.

In closing, I'm sure you had quite the party. Perhaps, when you sober up, you could get a job. Pay for your own purchases even if it is enough booze to fill a pool with, who am I to judge?

I do hope you are caught. I very much hope so. I think it's important to have time to reflect on decisions we make that perhaps weren't the best ones.

In closing, as for me, I will be waiting to get my $700 back so that I may then purchase the aforementioned items. Food, medicine, etc. It's not as exciting or glamourous as The Wine Chateau, but I do the best I can.


Holly McConnell

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  1. :-( Awww, Holly. That's so lame. I have to say anyone stealing one of my bank cards would be terribly dissappointed. I barely have enough right now for anything.

    Your sense of humor (dry, sharp wit of course) is why I like you. And I hope everything works out for you quickly.