Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh, finally...

I know it's a bra. Its a high impact sports bra, to be exact. But see, this bra comes in D and DD. You may not know how hard it is for find a 40DD Sport Bra. It's hard. I tried on 12 bras before I found her. Bra shopping is bad enough, but the ones that go over your head kill my shoulder. 

She fastens in the back like, well, like a bra and has comfy adjustable (in the front!) straps. This bra's name is Fiona. The store had ONE in this size.

She is soft and silky and supportive. And lined! With actual shaping to boot. About $42 which is a fair price. I'm just giddy.

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  1. This is weird, I cleared you comment but it isn't here. Blogger is sucking lately..

    ANyhow, I'm doing the weeks as multiples. No way I can do it as prescribed. But it does get easier. Plus there are all kinds of techno/pop crap podcasts for it.