Saturday, January 16, 2010

Things I drew when I was sick.

I haven't drawn anything since I was maybe 14. I thought these were kinda funny. Oddly cheerful given the circumstances. My sun got a little out of control there, huh? My fav is Who Knew? the one with the perplexed looking robot.

If you click on them you can see them in their full size glory. Should you want to. I don't find them interesting so much from a 'quality art' standpoint (I'm not deluded) but from a "That came out of MY head?" standpoint.

And I'm still sick. It's just that Things I Drew While I am Still Sick didn't really roll off the tongue.


  1. Quite like yer little gold ' least that is what I see-and your quizzical 'bot in tighty whiteys is another story...maybe this is where yer stuffies are heading
    But i think the girl telling her dog to go poop on the pansies is just mean....

  2. I am loving the little yellow dudes!
    I hope you feel better soon :(