Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nasty Jumps the Shark

Here's a brand new blog Trail Of Hearts I'm promoting as part of my Sunshine of the Mind philosophy. I think the Etsy oriented blogs who rely on bitch, fuck and it's many forms to form a sentence have jumped the proverbial hand felted shark.

I'm tired of reading about who sucks, or why I suck or who sucked for not agreeing I sucked when someone who sucked said it. And so on. I'm bored to tears reading about how fucking fuck fuckery bitch fuck Etsy whatever is just saying what no one else will.

And I'm grateful that's true. Because of more people relied on nastiness to gain an audience then it truly would be a tedious, downtrodden, backbiting place to be.

A little snark is fun, wit is to be celebrated. Berating, I'm thinking not so much. It takes no talent, it holds no interest. It brings no light into the mind. I know Etsy is far, far from perfect, I know people can suck it like a Dyson on overdrive.

I'm simply not interested in celebrating those who revel in it and vomit forth bile and consider it entertainment. You aren't stupid, I'm not stupid, just seems like there's an awful lot of good fight to fight out there right now. Denigrating is not fighting the good fight. It's just a paragraph of cheap shots.

Changes nothing. People get so mired in morbid self satisfaction it becomes paralytic. Self fulfilling. Speak up when there's a problem, sure. Personalise it, not so much.

The people I care for and respect want to solve problems. Not bash in the figurative heads of those who have them.


  1. Uh oh, I must have missed something :-/

  2. Nah, just the same old same old. You know when you get caught up in something and all of a sudden go 'Ew, whay am I HERE?!'

    Well, I had my 'Ew.' moment. Now I want to try and stop and think "Why do I want to visit that site/blog/whatever?" rather then just doing it out of some bizarre car wreck viewing habit.

  3. Holly, amazing, great minds think alike, found that blog in the fora today- I just joined too..I feel exactly the same way, and love the idea that positivity, which, though i admit I love a witty retort, triumphs over web thuggery every time, at least in my li'l head...

  4. It is called morbid curiosity. We all suffer with it from time to time.

  5. Miz,

    I think the thing is, a witty retort means there is someone right there in front of you (so to speak) and that's fine. What I don't like are the blogs bashing others out of discourse. It's backbiting and it's poor sport to boot.

    And unless the person is in some sort of office that wields influence over an aspect of one's life, pretty pointless.

    It's the whole Be Nice, asshole! approach that just bores me to tears anymore.

    I know it's old school but I still think if you have something nasty to say, you should say it directly and discreetly. In other words, IN the conversation with the person.

    Chances are if those were the standards applied, most nasty wouldn't get said in the first place. I find when I step outside of those standards I start behaving in a way I don't respect.

    It's like catching a cold. Or that horrible 'and she told two friends' shampoo ad, remember that? Except you end up with a whole bunch of sick angry women instead of clean hair.

    It's easy to see the bad and crow over it I think because it makes us feel 'better'. But it's lazy and disingenuous and I don't' want to be that person.

    Maybe we can poke each other with rainbow sticks and stay on the higher ground,lol.

  6. Eeeeewwww, rainbow sticks...? How about chocolate pokers?

  7. How about we hurl Cadbury Mini Eggs at each other? I just downed a bag. It was a small bag. It was two small bags, actually. Mini Eggs are only once a year.