Saturday, January 23, 2010

And it's Sunny to boot.

I almost slept almost lying down last night. This is exciting. So is not having the boy ask me if I'm sure I don't want to go to the ER when I have a coughing fit. The sun is out, it's cold, but it's shiny.

I'm ignoring the pile I need to tackle to get up and running again, but at least it's a pile and not what,a mountain, molehill? I'm not totally coffeed yet. My friend's daughter is staying with us (she's eight) and we always have a good time when she's here.

It's funny to listen to them play (through a closed door, they are very serious you know) Bionicle there's an ever changing rule system involving much negotiation. One of the ships has a defense shield called "Reverse Psychology" and this can go one for several hours.

I hope they will always be the good friends they are now.

There are some things going on that make me want to try very hard to be kind in all things. You would think, or I would like to, that comes naturally, but there's a whole line of defensiveness that needs to be set aside.

I don't know why we react to the one nasty person when there are nine others with a smile and a handshake standing there too. Akin to knocking friendly faces over to go punch the one asshole in the face. Doesn't make a lot of sense, does it?

Trying not to sound cheesy and it's hard to really explain without divulging more then I am comfortable with, but wow, hold on, you know? Hold on tight, count your blessings and know that a new day is a gift not everyone receives. I want very much to spend that day in a way that honors that.

I don't expect to succeed all the time, much less easily, I'm not used to looking outward. But I have a chance to try, right?

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