Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tahitian Vanilla Soap of the Month (Feb)

Trying a new shameless selling ploy. Every month on soap will be 50 cents off. Feb is Tahitian Vanilla..

Tahitian Vanilla is one of my favorites to use in soap. It has a very distinct spicy/sweet almost woody undertone and then it's vanilla all the way, baby.

No cookie smell here, this is the deep, heady stuff. You can see the pic riiiight under this post. This soap is one I use personally. I like it because the scent lingers. *smells arm*



  1. LOL...the only thing to look at, under this posting, is your dogs... and although i love them (dogs) as much as you do, if you can make them smell like that, I think you could be a billionaire in the doggie spa industry....

  2. Oops, hold I will say though that since my dogs are raw fed they don't have doggie smell. Just one of the perks.